Halal and Mad Cow Disease

The recent discovery of mad cow disease in United States cattle has prompted many Muslims to question the halal status of their meat. According to a recent report, halal meat is still susceptible to mad cow disease.

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Halal-Standard Slaughtering Doesn’t Need Animals Awake

Most Muslim slaughterers believe that drainage will only be complete if the throat of the animal is slit without stunning it first, but now Haluk Anil of the University of Bristol, UK, and colleagues have shown that the amount of blood drained from the animal, and the rate of blood loss, is the same regardless of whether or not it is stunned first.

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Pork in Your Milk?

Are you eating “halal” meat? Did you know that your sheep have probably eaten chicken in their feed? Or that your dairy cows have probably had pork bones in their feed?

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